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Measuring stand for ZVUK 130

Measuring stand for ZVUK 130

  • 2022 generation of the metal stand
  • Quick and easy setting for a perfect fastening of measured products
  • Ideal when often changing products of different sizes
  • 100% Czech Made
Zvuk 130

ZVUK 130

  • Complete set including measuring stand and SW
  • Measuring quality of even very small products
  • Suitable for all materials including CBN and diamond
  • Cutting wheels without limitation of max. diameter
  • It measures products of various shapes and porosity


  • Portable hand-held device
  • It measures even wheels from ø 250 mm
  • Cup and saucer grinding wheels from ø 50 mm
  • Stone, refractory products, casts, etc.
  • Possibility of connecting to PC
Zvuk 203M

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